Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 12 PLE Post

I learned many things about using technology in the classroom from the videos. One thing is that adding technology also adds another skill that the students practice and/or learn. If a student already knows how to operate a computer for example, then they can practice, but not all students already know how so it is a great opportunity for them to learn. Technology gets them involved in ways that they wouldn't be otherwise. They are actively learning and experiencing things. There are so many different technologies available that are easy enough for young students to learn how to use so they can have a more active role in their own learning. A lot of help and guidance might still be needed from the teacher, but I think it is well worth it to use the technology. The best thing to do is to plan easy and simple activities when using technologies because it is not worth it if all the time is spent learning how to use the technology instead of learning the content.

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