Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Internet Safety Reflection

The article I chose to read was titled "Technology and a House of Learning". The video resources we watched were by a company called i-Safe. It dealt with all the dangers of the internet and how to avoid them. It gave specific examples of what can happen when someone make unsafe choices when using the internet. It also gave startling statistics about internet use among children and teens. There were many important things that I learned from the video and the readings. One of them was that it is important for parents to be involved as much as they can in their children's use of technology. Parents should also stay informed and inform their children of present dangers and new dangers that may arise. Another important thing I learned was that all children who have access to the internet are at risk from the dangers of the internet. This means that all parents have to be cautious with their children's internet use. I shared with someone the things I learned about internet safety and they knew a little about the topic, but not all the specifics I told them. I wasn't surprised by their reaction because she knew that communication on the internet happens and that a lot of people are more comfortable with talking to people in the internet instead of in person. She understood how that can happen but thought that only communicating on the internet can be more of a hindrance because on order to get anywhere in the world you have to know how to communicate with people.

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