Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 11 PLE Post

What I have learned about TPACK is that there are three parts: pedagogical knowledge, content knowledge, and technological knowledge. Pedagogical knowledge is the knowledge of how to teach a concept. For example, having the knowledge to make accommodations for students with disabilities. Content knowledge is knowing the facts and information that you are going to teach. An example would be a high school English teacher knowing the different parts of speech so they can teach their students. Technological knowledge is knowing the different kinds of technology to use and how to use them. For example, a teacher knowing how to use Powerpoint to make a presentation and also the laptop and projector to show it to the students. One example of teaching from my past would be from a health class I took in high school. We had to pick a subject, make a presentation about it and teach the class about it. I chose lung cancer so I made a Powerpoint presentation about it and then showed it to the class. I had the technological knowledge about how to use Powerpoint and present it to the class. I had the content knowledge to make the presentation because I did research. I also had the pedagogical knowledge because my peers were my age and I knew them well enough to know how to present the content to them. Some of the technologies that we have explored in this class are Google Earth, Stellarium, Mind Meister and blogs. All of these use visual representation. Some of them like Google Earth and Stellarium also use dynamic representation because they can explore and manipulate things. All of these technologies would be useful because a lot of students are visual learners and these technologies are fun and easy for the students to learn how to use.

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