Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 6 PLE Post Continued

I viewed three different virtual tours and found them all to be very well done. The first one I watched was the one about volcanoes. I thought that it asked good questions and used a good variety of photos and videos. The second one I viewed was about WWII. I thought it focused on the important events and locations of that time and also asked good questions. The last one was about different ruins around the world. The activities and questions done at the different sites were thought-provoking and interactive. The good things about implementing a virtual tour in the classroom would be that the students would be able to see things that they wouldn't be able to otherwise. Also, it is very visually stimulating so it would keep the students interested. The bad things about a virtual tour is that it takes time and careful planning to put it together. Also the teacher would have to learn how to use the program and that also takes time.

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