Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Participation Assignment

I mostly have talked to my roommates and my older sister about what I have learned in this class. I have also talked a little to my mother about it. I have learned that a lot of people don't even about there being a class about technology and teaching when I tell them about, but they say it makes sense when they think about it. I have shared the technologies and resources we have learned about and used with them and some of them have used them themselves. When you tell somebody something you have learned, they will probably share that with someone else and then it will just keep going until maybe even hundreds of people have heard about it. I think that is so amazing. We should share what we learn more often. Everyone would know a lot more.

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  1. It is amazing to think about the influence that one person can have in the world. When you consider the writings of some of the greatest thinkers of the world and how they have lasted through the ages, it makes you realize just how important your ideas might be. Also, when you think about the importance of the ideas that have been shared with you, it becomes clear that the great moments of learning usually come from ordinary people around you sharing extraordinary ideas...